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News del 26 Luglio 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Aggiornamento ad alla versione 4.10 Interim 1 di Audiotools, software integrato per l'estrazione, la masterizzazione, la codifica/decodifica e la esecuzione di qualunque tipo di file audio. Le novità di questa release:
  • Fixed: Some users suffered from a crash at the end of a recording
  • Fixed: Users of the French or German releases of Audiotools could experience a "hang"
  • when displaying a tour or displaying certain error messages
  • Can now read and write the audio portions of WMA and WMV files
  • Fixed: Some users were receiving "your machine is too slow.." messages after a silence of several seconds
  • Fixed: Settings in the French version of Audiotools would be lost if a profile contained a meter set to display mono in the left channel
  • Fixed: If you paused a fixed chunk recording from the soundcard, the internal fixed chunk timer continued to increment, leading to files with incorrect chunk lengths
  • Fixed: Masking colors could fail to match when Audiotools was run on a 256 or 16-bit colour display leading to blue rectangles around the edges of faders and buttons
  • File formats on the open and save format dialogs are now listed in alphabetical order
  • If an entry in the namebase contained a character which couldn't be used in a filename (for example or /) then this could lead to a failure to create files
  • When working with a file list source, you can now specify that destination names should be based on source names
  • Fixed: Spin buttons on the large skin didn't work properly when not recording or playing
  • Bitmap buttons will now automatically decide whether they are "sticky" or not, based on the control binding. Skin designers need no longer specify the atrribute
  • Combo boxes can now be bound to discrete values in audio plugins, rather than simply to those in the application
  • The progress bar can now be masked in the same way as other controls
  • Text boxes can now have a background colour, rather than only being transparent
  • Skin designers now have access to three new controls Licenza Shareware Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000
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