Audacity 2.0.5

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News del 22 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Audacity 2.0.5

Audacity è un software libero, open source per registrare e modificare l´audio. È disponibile per Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, e altri sistemi operativi. 

Note di rilascio:

Bug fixes

Shaped dither was corrupted and too loud on all stereo exports except FLAC.
Keyboard Preferences: some Edit and Align commands for different sub-menus showed the same name.
Recordings stopped with "Stop and Set Cursor" shortcut could not be undone.
In locales that use comma for decimal separator:
Text boxes with slider in Nyquist effects only produced whole numbers when using comma to enter a fractional number.
Text boxes without slider still have this problem.
Built-in generators produced silence after running a Nyquist effect.
(Windows) When first changing to Windows WASAPI host, the input volume slider in Mixer Toolbar was enabled when it should have been permanently disabled.
(Windows) On some machines, launching Audacity then recording from the current Device Toolbar input would not record until the input was reselected.
(OS X) Frequent crashes occurred on importing audio files on some machines.
(OS X) Files did not open using Finder "Open with", double-clicking the file or dragging the file to the Audacity icon
(Linux 64-bit) Fixed a crash when using Equalization.
(Linux) It was not possible to open an effect or other dialog then navigate through the dialog using TAB.
(Linux) The Play shortcut did not play a read-directly WAV, AIFF or FLAC import if the warning for importing uncompressed files appeared.

Changes and Improvements

Tracks Menu:
The separate commands that aligned track start or end with the cursor or with selection start are combined into
"Cursor/Selection Start" commands.
"Align and Move Cursor" renamed to "Move Selection when Aligning".
Label Tracks:
Labels Editor now allows empty labels to be saved on closing the editor.
TAB and SHIFT+TAB when the label track has focus now always move forwards or backwards respectively to the nearest label.
(Windows) On a very few machines, the Windows WDM-KS low latency audio host introduced in Audacity 2.0.4 caused Audacity to hang or the computer to crash. WDM-KS has been removed from 2.0.5 until it can be safely enabled
(Windows and OS X) Screen reader improvements for Install VST Effects dialog.
(OS X) Audio Unit plug-ins detected by Audacity on launch are now not loaded until chosen from the Effect menu. This should speed up launch and avoid crashes at launch due to misbehaving Audio Units.
(Linux) Update to PortAudio r1910 fixes memory and other bugs under ALSA.
(Linux) Applied fix for wxGTK 2.8.12 bug which resulted in loss of Audacity´s menu bar (or visual corruption under Unity) on Debian-based systems.

Known Issues at Release

Headline issues
Large Projects
Projects with 2^31 samples or more (just over 13.5 hours at 44100 Hz) will not re-open correctly. Higher sample rates mean proportionally shorter times - so just over 6 hours at 96,000 Hz. We know the cause, and do intend to address this bug. Workaround: Before saving or closing the project, export to audio files of appropriate size, or cut and paste sections of audio containing less than 2^31 samples to new Audacity projects and save those.
Problems reopening, saving or crashing in projects
The following problems are very rare, but have the potential for losing data. The developers have not yet been able to reproduce these problems so please write to our feedback address if you encounter any of these symptoms.When attempting to reopen the project normally:
The .aup project file was not saved (or incompletely saved, giving a "line number" error).
Audio that was there previously is silenced.
"Missing Audio Data Block File(s)", "Problems Reading Sequence Tags" or "Orphan Block File(s)" errors are reported. If you see these errors, please choose the options to "Treat missing audio as silence" or "Continue without deleting" the orphans.
To avoid any problems, export a WAV or AIFF file from your project before closing it, then you can import the WAV again if the project becomes damaged.
When working in the project:
Errors occur when saving the project or when Audacity autosaves, perhaps wrongly suggesting the disk is full or not writable (if this happens, try exporting the audio as WAV).
Unwanted renaming or moving of .au files within the project.
Multiple or duplicated .aup files or project folders appear within the same project.
Unexplained crashes or corrupted audio occurs (note this can happen if the computer is low on memory or disk space).

Please tell us all the actions you recall both the last time you had the project open and what happened this time, including error messages. We believe having multiple projects open at once, having projects open in file manager programs or long projects with many tracks are among the possible causes.
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