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News del 08 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Audacity 2.0.4

Audacity è un software libero, open source per registrare e modificare l´audio. È disponibile per Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, e altri sistemi operativi. 

Note di rilascio:

Bug fixes

Keyboard Preferences: Shortcuts for Generators, Effects and Analyzers were not exported. All imported shortcut changes were discarded.
Equalization curves were corrupted in Graphic EQ mode after switching to/from Draw Curves or after running the effect then reopening it.
Change Pitch displayed corrupted values when reducing pitch or editing "from" Frequency. Detection was very inaccurate at high sample rates.
Bass Boost no longer clips if the track contains 32-bit audio.
Auto Duck was excessively slow on older machines.
(Windows) Exported MP3 comments tags were not seen by Windows programs.
(Windows and OS X) Audacity crashed if you used system quit before file import was complete.
(Linux) Equalization crashed Audacity if the XML file was corrupted.
(Linux) When configuring effect parameters in "Edit Chains", "Preview" (not intended to be functional) caused a crash.
(Linux) LICENSE.txt and README.txt were wrongly installed in /usr/local/share/doc instead of /usr/local/share/doc/audacity/ .
Accessibility: ENTER did not toggle selectedness of a label track unless a label was selected.
Numerous other interface fixes.

Changes and Improvements
New "Reverb" effect to replace GVerb, based on the original "Freeverb".
New View > Go to Selection Start and Go to Selection End commands.
New Tracks > Align End to End command to append existing tracks to each other.
Change Tempo now supports fractional BPM.
Plot Spectrum now supports FFT sizes up to 65536.
WAV files now support "Album Title", "Track Number" and "Genre" LIST INFO tags and also support ID3 tags.
Handle a bug in older iPods or some OS X applications that cause them to refuse AIFF files whose metadata contains an uneven number of characters,
(Windows) Added support for "Windows WDM-KS" host which can provide very low latencies if you reduce "Audio to Buffer" in Recording Preferences.
(Windows Vista and later) You can now record computer playback by choosing the new "Windows WASAPI" host in Device Toolbar then a "loopback" input.
(Windows and Mac OS X): VST scanning dialog now replaced with a dialog for choosing which VST effects to load.
(Linux) CTRL + ALT can now be used to smooth samples in Draw Tool.
Modules Preferences replaced with a dialog on launch of Audacity enabling you to choose which modules to load.

Known Issues at Release

Headline issues

Large Projects
Projects with more than 2^31 samples (just over 13.5 hours at 44100 Hz) will not re-open correctly. Higher sample rates mean proportionally shorter times - so just over 6 hours at 96,000 Hz. We know the cause, and do intend to address this bug. Workaround: Before saving or closing the project, export to audio files of appropriate size, or cut and paste sections of audio containing less than 2^31 samples to new Audacity projects and save those.

Problems reopening, saving or crashing in projects
The following problems are very rare, but have the potential for losing data. The developers have not yet been able to reproduce these problems so please write to our feedback address if you encounter any of these symptoms.When attempting to reopen the project normally:
The .aup project file was not saved (or incompletely saved, giving a "line number" error).

Audio that was there previously is silenced.
"Missing Audio Data Block File(s)", "Problems Reading Sequence Tags" or "Orphan Block File(s)" errors are reported. If you see these errors, please choose the options to "Treat missing audio as silence" or "Continue without deleting" the orphans.
To avoid any problems, export a WAV or AIFF file from your project before closing it, then you can import the WAV again if the project becomes damaged.

When working in the project:
Errors occur when saving the project or when Audacity autosaves, perhaps wrongly suggesting the disk is full or not writable (if this happens, try exporting the audio as WAV).

Unwanted renaming or moving of .au files within the project.
Multiple or duplicated .aup files or project folders appear within the same project.
Unexplained crashes or corrupted audio occurs (note this can happen if the computer is low on memory or disk space).

Please tell us all the actions you recall both the last time you had the project open and what happened this time, including error messages. We believe having multiple projects open at once, having projects open in file manager programs or long projects with many tracks are among the possible causes.
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