Arora 0.5

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News del 23 Febbraio 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Arora 0.5
Update del browser open source e multipiattaforma Arora


- Add new Network Access Monitor tool that shows each network request as it passes.
- Added option for showing only one close Button
- Don´t add empty tabs if closed to recently closed tabs menu.
- Support HTTP proxies which listen in ports higher than 10000
- Save more space in full screen mode - hide menu and status bars.
- Added an option in source viewer menu for wrapping code lines.
- Open pages from autocompletion list directly instead of filling the bar with their addresses.

- Don´t show Open actions if the item is a Folder in the Bookmark Manager
- Allow filtering bookmarks and histories by URLs as well.
- Add drag functionality to Bookmark and History menu´s
- Allow selecting multiple bookmarks when ctrl is pressed.
- Added support for renaming bookmarks through their context menus.
- Expanded bookmark menu - added Change URL and made Rename displayed also on folders.
- Allow for unlimited bookmarks in a folder on bookmark bar

- Added privacy indicator to the location bar
- Uncheck the privacy action when user aborts initial private browsing dialog.
- When enabling or disabling private browsing only the checkbox on the current window is updated

- Display missing Copy action in context menu if a link is selected.
- Make tab reload action in the context menu work
- Fix Middleclick on open tab to not have inconsistent behavior.
- On some web pages, middle-clicking a link opened it in the same window.
- Refined drag & drop handling in bookmarks toolbar. Fixed a bug, when page was assigned to inappropriate folder due to more than one folder having same name.
- Implement simple context menu in bookmarks toolbar. Let user change bookmark URL in Add Bookmark dialog.

Behind the scenes
- Brand new more compliant, faster cookie jar
- Brand new Language Manager which selects the correct language on start and lets you choose a different language via the Help menu.
- Separate the cookie classes into separate files.
- Fix a memory leak when creating the context menu under Qt 4.5+
- LineEdit utility class is now under the BSD license
- The error web pages are now translatable.
- Encode urls rather then use toString in various places to prevent loss of url data.
- When using foreach try to use a const reference so a copy isn´t made (slower) compared to the reference (faster).
- Add a new tool to convert bookmarks that are in the html format into the XBel format (not used in Arora yet).
- Various code style and general keeping the code clean fixes
- Add Implementation to get the current username on Windows for the single application

Build system
- Add script to build OS X package using the new macdeployqt tool in Qt 4.5
- Building with QT_STRICT_ITERATORS to catch errors.
- Enhance support for building with multiple WebKit trunk branches
- Adds the ability to generate code documentation with doxygen

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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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