Application Verifier Tool for Windows Mobile 5.0

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News del 04 Febbraio 06 Autore: RostoR
Application Verifier Tool for Windows Mobile 5.0
The Application Verifier tool assesses the stability of an application and detects common programming mistakes. The tool can detect and pinpoint memory leaks, handle leaks, and leaks in graphics device interface (GDI) objects. The tool can also detect some forms of heap corruption. Application Verifier attaches to an application and performs tests while the application runs. With the tool, you may be able to diagnose subtle problems with an application that would otherwise be difficult to diagnose on Microsoft® Windows® CE. Each test that Application Verifier runs is referred to as a shim. The tool inserts the shim into the code path between the calling function and the intended target function. A shim loads into the process space, and the kernel redirects calls from other libraries to the shim. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1; Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 for Itanium-based Systems; Windows XP 64-bit; Windows XP Media Center Edition; Windows XP Professional 64-Bit Edition (Itanium) ; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2; Windows XP Tablet PC Edition The following mobile device operating systems are supported by Application Verifier for Windows Mobile 5.0: • Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 • Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.03 Febbraio 2006
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