Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1

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News del 22 Agosto 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1
Nuova versione finale di OpenOffice.org suite per ufficio completa, rilasciata con una licenza libera e Open Source che ne consente la distribuzione gratuita. Legge e scrive file nei formati utilizzati dai prodotti più diffusi sul mercato e, a garanzia della futura accessibilità dei dati, nel formato OpenDocument, standard ISO. Consente inoltre l´esportazione in formato PDF.

Note di rilascio:

General Remarks

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 is a micro release intended to fix critical issues. All users of Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0 or earlier are advised to upgrade.

Please review these Release Notes to learn what is new in this version as well as important remarks concerning known issues and their workarounds.

Our Bugzilla issue tracking database provides a detailed list of solved issues.


The lookup gesture feature of Mac OSX has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

See the list in Bugzilla

Additional Language Support

New translations available in Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 include:
Catalan (ca)
Catalan (Valencian RACV) ca-XR)
Catalan (Valencian AVL) (ca-XV)
Updated translations available in Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 include:
German (de)
Hebrew (he)
Khmer (kh)
Lithuanian (lt) Polish (pl) Portuguese (European) (pt-PT)
Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)
Thai (th) Vietnamese (vi)
New Dictionaries
Catalan (ca)
Catalan (Valencian RACV) ca-XR)
Catalan (Valencian AVL) (ca-XV)
Updated Dictionaries
English (en) see note French (fr) Portuguese (European) (pt-PT)
Russian (ru) Slovenian (sl)
Note: The English (en) dictionary contains multiple variants. Only the en-GB dictionary has been updated.

Known Issues

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 will be flagged by the new Gatekeeper facility in Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Maverick. This is a new feature to help guard against malware on Mac systems. There is a procedure laid out at the following link to allow applications not installed from the Mac App store to run. See the Mac support article.
Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1 supports Java 7, which is the recommended configuration; but (especially on 64-bit Windows) you might receive warnings about the Java version being defective. In that case, download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. If you still have problems, install the most current JRE 6 version. Make sure you get the file "Windows x86 Offline (32-bit)". Then configure OpenOffice to use is at "Tools - Options - OpenOffice - Java". See this forum topic for more information.

For the MacOSX version only, any extensions that are written in C++ for AOO 4.0 (or earlier) will no longer work and be marked as disabled in the AOO extensions manager. This is because of the change of AOO from a 32-bit to a 64-bit application on MacOSX. Please report the problem to the developer of the extension.

Dictionaries for Spell Check are temporarily only included in complete localized Installers and not in Language packs (Issue 124423). They can be installed as extensions using Tools->Extension Manager.
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