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News del 16 Gennaio 05 Autore: Blybly
Ant Movie Catalog 3.5 beta 5
Rilasciata una nuova Beta della versione 3.5 di questo ottimo software per la catalogazione di DVD/VHS. Una dell caratteristiche principali è la possibilità di collegarsi ai database di alcuni siti per raccogliere le informazioni sul film richesto. Include una comoda funzione per esportare la propria collezione in un report Html, completamente personalizzabile tramite template e consultabile con Internet Explorer. Offre inoltre la possibilità di stampa delle cover, tramite template che recuperano in automatico le informazioni contenute nel catalogo. Ultimi cambiamenti
  • Link to MediaInfo.dll to import info from files other than AVI: OGM, MKV, RM, WMV files are supported. It does not seem to work very well with DVD's IFO/VOB, and some OGM files are refused too, but I do not know why.
  • Completely reworked scripts window. Now scripts can define options that can be changed easily by users, and you can specify which fields can be modified. Few new functions have also been added. The Results window has been redesigned.
  • Debug functionnalities for scripts : step by step execution, breakpoints, variables watch list, etc.
  • Scripting engine can now use external files : when you put a unit name in the "uses" of a script (.ifs file) it will search for a file named like this unit and having a .pas or .ifs extension
  • A XML parser has been added to the script engine
  • "Import picture" and "Link picture" have been merged, radio-buttons are now displayed in the "Select picture" window. An option in Preferences window has been added to specify if you prefer to store or link the picture, so it is not needed anymore to modify scripts for that.
  • Export, Print, Statistics and Script windows now have an option to include all movies, or only the selected, checked or visible ones.
  • Separated language Window displayed the first time that the program is launched; I hope that I will receive less e-mails of people asking how to change language
  • Virtual field "Formatted Title" that can be used in sorting, so it is now possible to sort properly on the translated title. The "checked" field (checkboxes of the main window's list) has been added in the available fields too.
  • "Rating" field can now have one decimal like on IMDB
  • Field names can be used in printed reports, so they are translated too (usage: [label:fieldname] where "fieldname" is the same than what you use to display one of the field value)
  • Group mode: Option added to put together the movies that were alone in their group
  • Duplicate movie numbers are accepted (and for those that still want unique numbers, I added in the "Add movie" windows actions available in the case the new number already exists)
  • Lots of small corrections and improvementsIl download si riferisce al solo programma, per i template visitare il sito dell'autore. Il formato del catalogo di questa nuova versione(beta) non è compatibile con la versione 3.4.3, quindi fatevi un backup dei vostri .amc/.xml. Se avete già salvato il catalogo nella versione 3.5 tramite questo tool potrete riconvertire nella versione compatibile 3.3/3.4 tramite drag&drop
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