Annotis Mail 2.0 build 110

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News del 18 Marzo 04 Autore: RostoR
Annotis Mail 2.0 build 110
Si tratta di un Add-on per Outlook ed Outlook Express per arricchire le nostre mail con una serie di evidenziatori di diverso colore, un set di timbri da scaricare dal sito (anche in italiano), Post-It multicolore. un pennarello per scarabocchiare a mano o sottolineare le righe di una email. Sul sito potete vedere tutto quello che è possibile fare.Ho messo al link della home la finestra con un'animazione che illustra quello che il programma può fare.
  • Note - great for photo captions, a phone number ... or just for making a statement that must stand out. Change the background, change the color, change the fonts... anything goes. Sticky notes have never been so happy. And if that's not enough, use the Power Note - the ultimate annotation tool, combining the highlighter and a pop-up sticky note in a matching color.
  • Highlighter - emphasize important words, thoughts or whole paragraphs with a customizable highlighter pen. With thousands of colors, there should be one for you.
  • Stamps - express yourself instantly with stamped message such as "Happy Birthday", "I Love You " and "Call Me Now" & more. You can even create you very own text stamps. And of course there are the famous Annotis image stamps for any festive occasion!
  • Templates & Letters - great backgrounds for your emails, choose from an ever growing collection, or create your very own, in a few clicks.
  • Images, Emoticons, animations & pictures - from our partners, from the web or from yourself, include them all in your emails.
  • Audio - add sound to your emails - Sound files you created, sound files you found on the web, or all the ones we're selecting for you everyday. Or what about voice mail! Record yourself directly from within Outlook and send great personal emails.
  • Video - the ultimate multimedia tool, for heavy users and broadband. Include videos in your emails or record a webcam sequence.
  • And of course, the Pen - personalize your message with handwritten marks - even add your signature.
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