Amarok 2.5 Earth Moving

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News del 21 Dicembre 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Amarok 2.5 Earth Moving
Amarok è un lettore multimediale Open Source di file audio sviluppato per l´ambiente desktop KDE, ma compatibile anche con altri ambienti.

Note di rilascio: 

Up North, frost sparkles in the morning sunshine, while the Southern climes head into spring. All over the world, theAmarok team proudly presents Amarok 2.5, the most advanced release yet.

Some of the features we are happy about: podcast synchronization.

Re-written USB Mass Storage support.

Many bugfixes to the iPod plugin, thanks to Matěj Laitl.

An integrated Amazon MP3 store. This major feature is the work of our web-entrepreneurs Sven and Justus.

We have simplified the version scheme to 2 numbers again to reflect our development process. 2.5 is a big feature releaseand has many bugfixes. The next planned version will be 2.6, with new features.

As promised, we´ve started a new year of donation mentions with the generous donators of the past Rocktober funding drive. Thank you all for contributing to Amarok, we hope you are pleased with this release.  

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