Amarok 2.2 Sunjammer

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News del 06 Ottobre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Amarok 2.2 Sunjammer
Note di rilascio:

Amarok 2.2 comes with an almost completely new look and feel. It nowhas a new layout for the Browser Pane on the left and an easiernavigation using "bread crumbs" on top. All elements, the Browser Pane,Context View and the Playlist are dockable widgets, which you can placehow and where you like. It is even possible to stack or remove them. Ofcourse it´s up to you to change the position, width and height to yourliking.

The collection has seen a lot of changes and bug fixes: Scanning hasimproved and is now much faster and more accurate, the import of theAmarok 1.4 database has been improved and you can use an external MySQLdatabase now, too. Insert an Audio CD and it will show up in theCollection Browser, allowing you to play directly from the CD or tocopy the CD content to your collection. The same applies to mediadevices: UMS devices show up in the Collection browser, as do variousother media players.

Dynamic Playlists have the new possibility to use Biases basedon and Echonest. Don´t know what to listen to? Let Amarokdecide with the help of and Echo Nest.
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Open source

OS: Linux

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