Amarok 2.0 Alpha 2

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News del 25 Luglio 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Amarok 2.0 Alpha 2
Alpha 2 di Amaroklettore multimediale per l´ambiente desktop KDE, nome in codice Aulanerk

* New interface for extracting tags from filenames, now fully working
* Context view applet to view albums (BR 164005)
* Automatic detection of non-UTF-8 charsets for metadata
* Dynamic/Biased playlists improvements
* QtBindings support for the scripts
* Collection scanner now picks up bmp images too. (BR 167122)
* Update the DBus APIs
* Update the QtScript APIs
* Current track applet added to the Context View on startup
* No more applets flashing between track changes
* Current track applet now shows a message when no track is being played
* Correctly save custom external browser setting (BR 166979)
* Use default KDE crash handler again
* Fix crash when switching tracks in the playlist. (BR 166964)
* Fix crash when trying to download a playlist from unreachable server
* Script Manager now automatically restarts scripts on next startup
* Correctly handle albums with the same name (BR 164173)
* Various bugfixes for the systray tooltip
* In the Wikipedia applet scrolling works properly now
* Context menu separators are no longer shown as empty items
* Make the filebrowser filter instantaneously display results for files
* Add a path separator if required when constructing relative urls from M3U playlists (BR 166346)
* Rescan collection if the version is higher than we currently use (downgrades) (BR 142712)
* Play the first track in the playlist if there is no active track (BR 166336)
* Do not use 100% cpu in the cover manager when changing view modes (BR 164112)
* Fix build on Debian. Patch by David Palacio 
(BR 166321)
* Fix bug with selection getting stuck in collection browser when selecting multiple items when dragging over them (BR 164960)
* Fix crash when removing collapsed album from the playlist. (BR 163653)
* Mp3tunes would load for users who had never used it before and prompt them with an annoying login box (BR 166332)
* Random album playback mode implemented (BR 164623)
* Fix rendering glitches when double clicking tracks in dynamic mode (BR 166705)
* Make the rating widget on the current track hideable

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