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News del 29 Gennaio 03 Autore: Canaro
Disponibile una nuova patch per questo apprezzato gioco.Fixed an exploit that could give permanent LOS from building foundations. Fixed a potential memory overwrite. Spy no longer goes away when the spied unit constructs a building. Fixed a problem with IME cursor placement. When placing buildings, automatic alignment now works against other foundations . as well as other buildings. Fixed a targeting issue with Walking Woods that could sometimes cause it to do nothing. When restoring a savegame, god power icons should be immediately visible. Fixed some positioning problems with the post-game timeline "tooltip diamond". Customized hotkeys are now reflected immediately in the UI help text. Long filenames should now display more properly in the load & save dialogs. In the editor, the "Set Tech Status" trigger now presents an alphabetized list of techs. Popup dialogs in the editor can now be dismissed with the 'ESC' key. Unit Balance Adjustments (NOTE: Save games from versions 1.00, 1.01, 1.02 will not be affected by the balance changes. Recorded games from versions 1.00, 1.01, 1.02 are still supported and will replay as before): Egyptian First Age farming is slower; Plow restores the rate. Plow takes longer to research. Ra's Chariots and Camelry have a smaller hitpoint bonus. Ra's Priests now empower gathering less than Pharaohs empower gathering. Mercenary Cavalry pierce and hack armor decreased. Build limits (max number you can have at one time) imposed on Mercenary (12) and Mercenary Cavalry (8). Mercenary and Mercenary Cavalry lifespans are 5 seconds shorter. Heavy Chariot, Camel and Elephant improvements are more expensive. Chariot speed decreased (Ra's are still faster, but less fast than they were). Animals of Set cost 1 less pop slot. Heroes no longer get bonus damage vs. animals of Set. Set's Slingers have more hitpoints. Roc hack armor decreased (easier for Throwing Axemen to hit them). Roc speed decreased. Cyclops has more hitpoints. Poseidon's Towers produce only 1 Militia.Ulteriori informazioni e download
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