Adobe Reader XI 11.0.01

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News del 10 Gennaio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Adobe Reader XI 11.0.01
Rilasciata da Adobe una nuova versione del noto visualizzatore di file pdf denominato X.

Note di rilascio:

Security bulletin

This release provides mitigations for vulnerabilities described in the security bulletin at


Updates (and Security)

A fully automatic update mode is introduced for Acrobat on Windows. After installation and on first launch, users are prompted to opt in to Fully Automatic Updates for Acrobat. Opting in means that updates will be automatically and silently installed when they are available. For related Registry/Plist information, see bDeclined in the Preference Reference.


Security is further enhanced as a result of improvements and bug fixes.
The Vista-style Open and Save dialogs work on sandboxed Windows Reader.
Support for Office 2013 is introduced for Acrobat PDFMakers.


OCR support is enhanced.


LCRM protected PDFs hosted on a document hosting server as well as LCRM server managed via an Apache proxy no longer requires a user to authenticate twice.


Logging and error reporting improvements
The Acrobat color picker is replaced by the OS color picker which provide RGB Sliders, CMYK Sliders, and HSB Sliders in the Color Sliders section.
The build date and branch details are added to the menu Help > About.

Bug fixes


3205729 - Adding the “Sign with certificate” option to quick tools invokes the digital signatures functionality instead of adding to quick tools.
3313746 - Strings of trusted certificates displayed as garbage in Digital ID and Certificate Settings dialog.
3319047 - Improved stability of Manage Attribute Cerficiate feature.
3312284 - iShowDocumentWarnings default is 0, but it should be 1.
3319939 - JavaScript signing ignores the appearance parameter.
Username/password dialog does not appear when Reader in protected mode is running inside a browser and UAC is turned OFF.


3308206 - Skipped actions are not keyboard accessible.
3292773 - JAWS says “Blank, read only” when focus is on “divider” button in “Create New Tool Set” dialog.
3308203 - Action steps status information not accessible to screen reader.
3224349 - Selected/focused tool/panel is not scrolling into the view.

UI customization

3292700: The visual experience is enhanced in several ways.
3303816: Scrolling of RHP is not possible in authoring mode if the list of command is long.
Added Content Edit commands to the list of items that can be added to UI Customization.


3227733 - Added icons for “Go To” panel in Actions authoring UI.
3308203 - Action steps status information not accessible to screen reader.
3308206 - Skipped actions are not keyboard accessible.
3313964 - Add final postflighting of commands that are run as part of an action.
3163372 - The currently running command is not visible if the list of commands in playback mode is long; auto-scroll is not enabled.
3324561 - JPN: Win only: IE only: Cannot open report after executed an action if the default browser is IE.
3295195 - HS: Win Only: Finish an action containing Save command on a single page pdf file, the “Save” icon on the toolbar is enabled but not functioned.
3300248 - SDL: L10N: After imported the “action 1.0 seq file” and run, the action menus appear disabled but the user can still use them.
3292700 - UI tweaks to improve visual experience.
3303816 - Scrolling of RHP is not possible in authoring mode if the list of command is long.Acrobat will crash once we click Create New Action and Edit Actions button from Tools/Action Wizard.
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OS: Windows, OS X

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