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News del 09 Aprile 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player è un plug-in per browser multipiattaforma che consente di visualizzare animazioni e filmati in formato Flash.

Note di rilascio:

he next version of Flash Player is available for immediate download. In today´s release we´ve updated Flash Player with important security updates and bug fixes.

Security update details can be found here: Security Bulletin (APSB14-09)

New Features for Flash Player 13:

Enhanced Supplementary Character Support for TextField
Characters from the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) with Unicode code points between U+10000 and U+10FFFF now work correctly in TextField controls. This change greatly enlarges the code point range we support, and now includes characters like emoticons and complex CCJK characters.

New Stage3D Texture Wrapping Modes
Developers can currently set the wrapping mode of a texture to either clamp or repeat. Using the repeat option will repeat the texture on both the U and V axis. However, in some use cases, you may only want to repeat the texture on either the u or v axis.

This is now possible with the introduction of two new parameters: REPEAT_U_CLAMP_V and CLAMP_U_REPEAT_V

Stage3D Anti-Aliasing for Texture Rendering
Anti-Aliasing is a useful for improving perceived image quality. Hardware based Multisampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) is now available on all desktop platforms. To enable MSAA, set the level from 0 to 4 using the antiAlias property of the Context3D.setRenderToTexture() method.

0 = 1 subsample, no antialiasing
1 = 2 subsamples, minimum quality antialiasing
2 = 4 subsamples, medium quality antialiasing
3 = 8 subsamples, high quality antialiasing
4 = 16 subsamples, maximum quality antialiasing

Relocated Full Screen Video Warning to Top of Screen
We´ve made a small tweak to the "Press Esc to exit full screen mode" warning that is displayed for full screen video. We´ve received feedback from developers and users that the dialog obscures content. We wanted to make a change that both satisfies security concerns and customer viewing enjoyment. To reduce the impact of the dialog on the on-screen content, we´ve moved the dialog to the top of the screen.

Notable Fixes and Enhancements:
3620987 : TextBlock.findPreviousAtomBoundary incorrect after TextElement.replaceText when discretionary hyphens are used
3683154 : Cannot get a get swf file to play in Chrome browser
3683745 : API documentation says Event.PASTE says bubbles == false, but it is true in Flash Player
3690516 : TextField scrolls when it shouldn´t, because it´s including/considering trailing non-zero "leading" value
3693856 : [windows 8.1]PrintJob start() method is still crashed
3702884 : Flash 13 Beta: ActiveX invalidation no longer functions
3703799 : New version doesn´t fully install and failure to install blocks all media playing capability
3717098 : Exclude Windows 8.x from CUPT & SCUP catalog for ActiveX installation
3058752 : The ´Press ESC to exit full screen´ dialog has been moved to the top of the screen for non stage video
3617020 : Addresses an issue where Flash Player was polling GamePad before the GamePad API was invoked
3683154 : [Chrome] - Resolves an issue where content would not load completely in rare instances where a PPAPI getDownloadProgress event was not received
3679210 : Resolved an issue where TextBlock.findPreviousAtomBoundary would return an incorrect value if it was called after TextElement.replaceText when discretionary hyphens were used
3679537 : [OS X 10.9] Flash Player´s native control panel can now be launched through the right-click context menu as expected. [Requires OS X 10.9.1 (13B40) or higher]
3680211 : Resolves an issue where Flash Player would stop rendering when embedded in a page that also contains WebGL Canvas element and was forced to fall back to software rendering.
3679556 : [Win8.1] - Full Screen content now renders in Full-Screen mode
3685541 : [Win8.1] Flash Player now handles IVS characters and surrogate pairs correctly in TextFields.
3697077 : [Win8.1] - Video controls are now correctly displayed in Full-Screen Mode
3685519 : [Win8.x] Pressing the Menu key on the software keyboard now correctly triggers the right-click context menu when in Modern mode.
3689360 : [Win8.x] Yahoo Messenger - The logo is now displayed correctly, instead of a black rectangle.
3702323 : Resolves a intermittent hang encountered when playing Encrypted HLS content
3652266 : Resolves performance and reliability issues encountered when scrubbing FLV videos produced by Flash Professional
3710237 : [HTTP Live Streaming] - Resolves a slow memory leak.
3699038 : [HTTP Live Streaming] - When switching from an Audio/Video stream to an Audio-Only stream, audio now stays in sync with main content
3697077 : [Win 8.1] - Video controls now display correctly in Full-Screen mode on
3703367 : [Win 8.x] - Resolves an issue where videos in Full-Screen mode were cut off when the zoom setting was greater than 100% on
3685522 : [Win 8.x RT] - Corrects graphics rendering corruption in Cityville when placing new buildings
3698459 : [Win 8.x] - Local video playback will now start automatically when PlayTo is disconnected during playback
3698456 : [Win 8.x] - PlayTo will now start in the correct location when switching between the Digital Media Renderer and the local PC
3714236 : Chrome Mac][HTTP Live Streaming] Resolves an issue where enabling the ABR switch caused flickering
3712302 : [Safari 7] ProductManager.isAllowed() now returns the correct value
3711206 : [HTTP Live Streaming] Switching from an Audio-only stream to an Audio/Video stream now works as expected
3696436 : Users can be upgraded to vulnerable beta builds (windows only)
Installing a release build over a beta build, or vice versa,without first uninstalling Flash Player is now prohibited. Attempting to install a release build over a beta build (and vice versa) without first uninstalling will result in an error dialog and error 1161 reported in the log file. Downgrading beta builds is now prohibited without first uninstalling Flash Player, using the latest beta uninstaller. Attempting to downgrade the beta Flash Player will results in an error dialog and error 1162 reported in the log file.
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