Adobe Flash Player 11.5.500.97 Beta

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News del 18 Ottobre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Adobe Flash Player 11.5.500.97 Beta
Adobe Flash Player è un plug-in per browser multipiattaforma che consente di visualizzare animazioni e filmati in formato Flash.

Note di rilascio:

Release features
- Packaging multiple libraries in an ANE (iOS)
- Debug stack trace in release builds of Flash Player
- Statically link DRM (Desktop only)
- Invoke Event enhancement (for openurl)
- Multiple SWF support (iOS)

Known Issues
- Application reloading child SWF hangs or crashes sometimes when packaged in AOT mode. (3327991)- App crashes if a symbol (used from the SWC(linked externally) of the SWF) is referenced prior to loading the child SWF. (3332723)
- preventDefault() is not honored for the ORIENTATION_CHANGING event on iOS. This is a behavior change from AIR 3.4 and will remain so. (3324338)
- When packaging an IPA using platformsdk option to point to the iOS 6 SDK, packaging succeeds, though, with the Exception, “ PLIST generation failed due to SAX error:org.xml.sax.saxParseException(3309675). With AIR 3.5, it is no longer required to use platformsdk to point to iOS 6 SDK, as it is already included in the AIR SDK.
- screenDPI values are different for retina and non-retina mode on iPhone 5. (3336287)
- Packaging an IPA with requestedDisplayResolution as "standard" in application descriptor and using launch images- "Default-568h@2x.png" and "Default@2x.png", both the images are showing up on iPhone 5 device. (3336456)Fixed

- Background Audio in Android doesnt work(3319954)
- A full screen application cannot be developed for iPhone 5. Default-568h@2x launch image can now be used to display a full screen app on iPhone5. (3331707)
- Unable to package an application using an ANE on iOS, which doesn´t not implement the finalizer function. (3321073)
- Packaging fails with null pointer exception, when packaging an IPA using only the default implementation in the ANE on iOS. (3323233)
- Geolocation permission dialog doesn´t show up on iOS 6 device and App doesn´t get listed in Settings->Privacy >Locations services. (3296870)
- Database data is wiped out for every launch on iOS Simulator. (3329307)
- WIFi Debugging on iOS :Debugging on iOS does not work when network interface is chosen as "Default" for Player Target AIR3.4 (3320979)
- DisplayObject fails to render when changing rotationY on iOS6 device in GPU renderMode. (3320080)
- When an app having aspectRatio Landscape and autoOrients "false" is packaged with iOS 6 SDK and run on an iOS 6 device, the launch image shows 90 degree rotation. (3321294)
- If auto orients =false and aspect ratio=landscape,App launches in landscape mode but stage launches in portrait mode, on packaging with iOS 6 SDK. (3317345)
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