Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265

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News del 21 Agosto 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265
Adobe Flash Player è un plug-in per browser multipiattaforma che consente di visualizzare animazioni e filmati in formato Flash.

Note di rilascio:

Fixed Issues

Netstream crashes intermittently on disconnect(3193417)
Issue with stopping live audio streaming on AIR Android(3188340)
drawWithQuality() does not render filters properly on Android devices(3224928)
Clipborad.generalClipboard.setData doesn´t work on iOS(3226045)
Some FLV video content does not play in Flash Player on Windows (3187569)
Only right side audio playing in Flash Player based apps in Firefox on Windows(3289279)
Mouse Lock feature disabled after entering Full Screen Interactive mode(3174344)
[iOS5] TextFields with embedded fonts garbled on mobile devices(3161138)
First frame of some live streaming contents freezes(3207896)
Application icons for 50X50, 100X100, 1024X1024 are now supported for iOS applications in the Application Descriptor(3217144)
Applications using Native extensions sometimes crash on iOS when using certain external Libxml2.dylib (3226974)
Some deviation is observed when a launch image of resolution 768 x 1004 or 1024 x 748 is packaged in a full-screen
iPad application. (3230762). The new guidelines for using launch images can be referred to here
H264 videos on iOS crash when switching between two NetStreams attached to a StageVideo object(3206438)
Issue with CameraRoll.browseForImage() causes transparency loss resulting in white color(3291312)

New Features

ActionScript Workers (Flash Player)
Sandbox Bridge support (Flash Player)
Licensing support: Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming (Flash Player)
Stage3D "constrained" profile for increased GPU reach (Flash Player and AIR)
LZMA support for ByteArray (Flash Player and AIR)
StageVideo attachCamera/Camera improvements (Flash Player and AIR)
Compressed texture with alpha support for Stage3D (Flash Player and AIR)
DXT Encoding(Flash Player and AIR)
Deprecated Carbon APIs for AIR (AIR)
Direct AIR deployment using ADT (AIR)
Push Notifications for iOS (AIR)
Ambient AudioPlaybackMode (AIR)
Exception Support in Native Extensions for iOS (AIR)
New option in ADT to list the attached mobile devices (AIR)
ADT option to resolve ANE symbol conflicts on iOS (AIR)

Known Issues

Matrix3D´s transformVector() incorrectly transforms w component(3190677)
[iOS] On iOS 4.3, Compressed Cubemaps with Alpha does not properly render(3282166)
navigateToURL issues with high-ascii characters does not properly work for AIR Desktop Applications(3161093)
[iOS] On some content, Installing an .ipa file with AIR 3.4 occasionally fails with Installation Error:
When using –hideAneLibSymbols flag while packaging an application for iOS, only the framework and library linking linker options, and options such as -ios_version_min should be used in the ANEs platform.xml file
Adobe continues to work with the iOS 6 Beta SDK and resolving issues. Current known issues are:
Geo-location permission dialog doesn´t show up on iOS 6 Beta(3291688)
AIR applications packaged with AIR 3.4 SDK & iOS 6 Beta SDK don’t support AutoOrients for Upside down on iPod and iPhone(3286288)
Any application packaged with AIR 3.4 SDK and iOS 6 Beta SDK does not support aspectRatio tag on iOS 5.1 device(3286320)
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