Adobe Air 3.2

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News del 29 Marzo 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Adobe Air 3.2
Air (Adobe Integrated Runtime) è il sistema di runtime multi piattaforma di Adobe che permette di utilizzare Rich Internet Application sul desktop.

Le applicazioni possono essere scaricate dall´Adobe Marketplace, disponibile qui.

Note di rilascio:

New Features in AIR 3

Native Extensions — Native extension libraries allow developers to create and use native libraries that can be invoked using ActionScript. These libraries allow ActionScript developers to take advantage of the same platform and device-specific native capabilities and APIs available to native apps, with easy integration into AIR applications. In addition, native extensions can be used for performance critical code or porting existing native libraries like image decoders for use within an AIR application. 

Flash Access Content Protection Support for AIR Mobile — Flash Access content protection support is now available on mobile devices including Android powered smartphones and tablets. In addition, content protection is now supported on tablet devices powered by the BlackBerry® Tablet OS. Note: Flash Access for iOS is not supported at this time. In addition, Flash Access for Flash Player Android is not supported at this time. 

Encrypted local storage for mobile — Encrypted local storage support is now available on mobile devices. Applications can more securely store sensitive data on a user’s device, enabling support for storage of sensitive data such as passwords, certificates, and auditing information.

Captive Runtime Support — This popular feature from AIR for iOS is now available with AIR for desktop, Android and TV. Simplify the app installation process and reduce testing/certification cost by packaging the AIR runtime with your app on Windows, Mac, Android and TVs. 

Stage Video Hardware Acceleration (AIR Mobile) — Leverage hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline to deliver efficient, best-in-class high-definition (HD) video playback experiences. Decrease processor usage and enable smoother video, reduced memory usage, and higher fidelity on mobile (supported on Android 3.1, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS) and TV devices. 

H.264/AAC Playback Support (AIR for iOS) — Enables H.264 & AAC playback on iOS when using Stage Video Hardware Acceleration.  This feature requires that video be delivered either through progressive download or HLS.  RTMP is not supported due to platform limitations.

Front-facing Camera Support (AIR for Android) — The front-facing camera support available with AIR for iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS is now available on Android devices. Take advantage of the front-facing camera to help users connect with rich video conferencing and chat experiences on smartphones and tablets.

Background Audio Playback Support (AIR for iOS) — Developers can now write multitasking iOS applications that can play audio while in the background, such as music applications or reliable voice conferencing apps with multitasking support.

Device Speaker Control for Mobile (AIR for iOS & Android) — Provides developers the ability to select whether audio should be outputted through the phone speaker or external speaker.

16 and 32-bit color depth — Provides an app descriptor setting for developers to control the color depth of graphics on Android (16bit and 32bit) for renderMode=cpu/auto.  AIR 2.7 and older namespaces will default to 16bit color, whereas AIR 3.0 and newer namespaces will default to 32bit.

Game Controller API (AIR TV) — Allows developers to build TV applications that can communicate with an attached game input devices such as a gamepad or controller wand. Note: This capability is not yet available on AIR for desktop or mobile. 

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