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News del 13 Marzo 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Adobe AIR
Air (Adobe Integrated Runtime) è il sistema di runtime multi piattaforma di Adobe che permette di utilizzare Rich Internet Application sul desktop. 

Le applicazioni possono essere scaricate dall´Adobe Marketplace, disponibile qui.

Note di rilascio:

Fixed Issues

Loading of telemetry.cfg causes performance problems on page refresh(3506936)
Opera browser crash(3488141)
Flash Player crash due to integer overflow(3475889)

New Features

New features in this release:

Memory intrinics: To enable memory intrinics two changes are required:
Produce the memory op codes by changing the compiler
Expose the appropriate APIs through playeglobal.swc to leverage these opcodes

The following features were made available with the Flash Player release on February 12th, 2013. 

Graphics Data Query
Improved permissions UI for full screen keyboard access
Multiple SWF support(iOS)
Setting device specific Retina Display resolution(iOS)
Updated File API following App store guidelines(iOS)
HiDpi support for FlashPro

Known Issues

In some circumstances, audio only files fail to play back when streamed through pRTMP (3330232)
On iOS, CameraRoll.addBitmapData in AIR does not support transparent bitmap data(3295239)
Switching the camera input on netstream causes videostream to stop(3311600)
When playing a video stream, changing the rotation from portrait to landscape results in the video becoming sized improperly on certain mobile devices (3344041)
When programmatically sending AIR to fullscreen on MAC OSX 10.7.3 and later,  the app window is being shown in front of the stage (3310530)
On iOS, when the microphone rate is set to 5 or 8 KHz, audio latency occurs (3357306)
StageVideo fails to maintain hardware render state when attaching camera (3359992)
In certain circumstances on the Mac, when viewing video in fullscreen, and then exiting fullscreen, video will fail to render (3362055)
On Android, system fonts cannot be loaded in AIR(3474762)

Security Enhancements

APSB13-09 Flash Player Desktop Windows® & Mac, Flash Player AndroidTM
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