Acoo Browser 1.52 Build 676

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News del 22 Ottobre 06 Autore: RostoR
Acoo Browser 1.52 Build 676
Aggiornamento per questo browser multi-tabbed che è basato sul motore di Interner Explorer. Permette una serie di personalizzazioni con molte caratteristiche avanzate, sembra proprio nelle intenzioni dei programmatori di procedere al suo sviluppo: il download è in italiano:Acoo Browser Feature List Multi-Window Browsing: Brows multiple web pages simultaneously. Built-in Pop-up Blocker based on intelligent identification makes browsing the Internet more enjoyable by enabling you to reduce unwanted ads and content. Built-in Ad Filter: Block Ad banners, flash animations, iframes or any components within any web pages by URL patterns. Convenient access to major search engines by Search Bar. Built-in search engines enable user to search for web pages, images, music, lyrics, news and software in Internet. Built-in HTML Source Viewer: Syntax highlighted web page HTML source code viewer. View screenshot. Built-in Web Page Analyzer: A powerful tools shows syntax highlighted script code the page executes, information about images, etc. View screenshot. Super Drag & Drop: Super drag and drop lets you open new links by using your mouse to drag and drop the link into the page. You can also select and drag text to be searched using the default search engine. Records Cleaner: With Acoo Browser, you can easily keep your privacy by deleting Typed Addresses, Cookies, History of Visited Web Sites, Temporary Internet Files and Search Keywords. Mouse Gestures: Simple symbols that you "draw" on your screen using your mouse. Group: Open and save a collection of sites as a group. Ability to suppress script error message dialog. Seamless integration with AI RoboForm FormFiller/Password Manager. Flexible control of startup actions. URL Alias: Type short alias instead long URL. Zoom in /Zoom out ANY Web page for better visuality and readability. Safe Recovery: If Acoo Browser is closed improperly, all open web pages are saved and will be automatically reopened at next startup. Skinned window frame. 9 Ottobre 2006Versione 1.52 in ItalianoVersione in Inglese 1.52
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Licenza: Freeware/ Donate

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