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News del 04 Agosto 03 Autore: Giancarlof
AccountLogon 2.5 è un programma per chi dimentica facilmente le sue password da usare online e se siamo stanchi di inserire le nostre chiavi di entrata protette, con l'uso di questo tool noi avremo la possibilità di entrare in maniera automatica in qualsiasi dei nostri siti che prevedono questa modalità d'ingresso. Here are just some of the features of AccountLogon.
  • Single Master Password Logon to all your web accounts with just 1 Master Password, but still keep your individual website passwords. NO password synchronisation required!
  • Single Click Logon Logon to any of your accounts with a single Click!
  • Windows / IE Toolbar Integration Accessible from a single icon in the Windows Taskbar and IE Toolbar.
  • Works with all IE browsers (MSN, AOL, Avante etc.) Accessible from the browsers context menu.
  • Skinned Interface Easy to use skinned interface - no more boring windows!
  • Security Features Extra strong encryption protects your information from unauthorized access and many built-in security features give you full control of the program. Screen Auto Lock, Password Masking, Logon Timeout, In-Memory Encryption and Security Levels.
  • Lock Down Feature Unique feature allows you to provide access to shared accounts within your organization, but still keep your Passwords secret. Fantastic for universities, libraries and business users, who need to share accounts!
  • New Account Wizard Wizard takes you through the process of adding a new web account.
  • Password Manager Store offline passwords such as ATM PIN's, Building Alarms, Locks and any other personal codes and numbers.
  • Custom Categories Categorize your accounts for easy management and retrieval.
  • Reports Facility Produce a report showing all your accounts - keep a hardcopy.
  • Backup Function Backup your accounts to an encrypted file - just in case.
  • Run from Floppy or USB Drive For those who want portability, you can even run AccountLogon from a floppy disk or USB Drive. Take your accounts anywhere you go!
  • Multi File / Multi User Capabilities Create and Open multiple account files. Keep separate files for home and work. Create account files for other users on your system.
  • Standalone and Network Capable Run from a shared directory or run from each users personal account. Easy configuration for networked environments.
  • Easy Setup & Easy Use Easy setup, just download and install! No configuration or server installation required. Same installation for business and personal use.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware ( $ 22.57 )

Dimensioni: Mb 1.90

OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Internet Explorer 5 or 6.

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