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News del 13 Dicembre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
AVG Free Edition 9.0.716

# Fixes & Improvements

* AvgSys: Fixed problem with removing of registry infection on x64 Windows systems.
* Core: Detection of the next modification of Virut has been added.
* Core: Detection of new modification of SWIZZOR has been added.
* Core: Fixed problem with reporting broken digital signature on correctly signed files.
* Core: Fixed possible crash while verifying digital signatures on big files.
* Core: Fixed occasional false alarms on JavaScript files.
* Kernel: Cookie detection has been disabled by default in computer scan.
* Safe Search: SearchShield support for Firefox 3.6.
* Safe Search: Fixed possible crash of IE8 caused by Safe Search component.
* Safe Search: Improve notification to user when a suspected phishing site is detected.
* User Interface: Fixed freezing in License component when Shift+Tab is used.
* User Interface: Fixed problem with repeated opening of popup dialogs if content is missing.
* User Interface: Improved detection of fullscreen applications and gaming mode while displaying pop-up messages to prevent focus loss.
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OS: Windows

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