ATITool 0.0.23

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News del 05 Aprile 05 Autore: RostoR
ATITool 0.0.23
ATITool è programma freeware che permette di agire sui parametri delle schede video ATI per aumentarne le prestazioni.Changes in this version: Full Changelog Added memory timings editor support for R430 and R480 From this version on the installer will be able to detect a running ATITool instance Button "Mem" is now disabled when no ATI card detected "Delta of 0 in 0 (- avg). No errors for mm:ss.xx" message reworded to "No errors for mm:ss.xx" Logo is shown in the main window when temp. monitoring is inactive Fixed broken X800SE temp. monitoring Added save file dialog to dump bios Added support for M28, R430, R480, R423GL Added temp. monitoring option "show default icon in tray" Added hw monitoring support for Abit uGuru (AA8, AG8, AI7, AN7, AS8, AV8, KV8) Added support for Abit RX600 Added hw monitoring support for LM87, ADM1022, ADM1024, ADM1025, ADM1028, THMC50, FMS2701, NE1619 Added option to use "old scanning method" Fixed issues in "Startup" settings Added Catalyst AI support for 4.9 drivers Added detection/overclocking/mem timings support for X800 SE AGP Fixed crash issue on non-ATI cards Added support for changing Catalyst AI settings Fix for incorrect TAA detection with ATI Catalyst Control Center Installer will now detect running ATIToolHooks.dll and mark it to be replaced at reboot Installer will now detect running ATITool and ask to close it Added M10 support to memory timings editor Minor improvements to artifact scanning and detection Added removal of Macrovision detection from analog input recording driver Fixed crash when year>2038 (#81) Added GPU temp. graph to main window Reorganized user interface and 2D/3D profiles, feedback please Added Catalyst version display Fixed artifacts sometimes not cleared between scans Added minimize on close option Minor changes to the Hardware Monitoring page Added experimental Hardware Monitoring settings page Added HDD temperature to AAM page More fixes and informational messages to HDD AAM Fixed GPF when no suitable 3D device was found Fixes to 3D detection .. seems that 3DMark01 and Warcraft 3 problems are fixed now Rendering window can no longer be resized, there's no stress gained from a bigger window anyways Selection defaults to first HDD in AAM page Added Harddisk Acoustic Management - yeah I know, not ATI related :) Improved artifact detection on X800 Improved scanning on PS2.0 cards, you should get much higher temperatures now. Please verify that ATITool still works on non-ps2.0 cards. Revamped memory timings editor: added support for R300, R350, R360, R420, RV350, RV360, RV370, RV380, RV410 Fixed RV410 detection and overclocking The clock rate input boxes now allow "," as decimal seperator, too Fixed multiple "Scan for artifacts running 00:00:00" messages Normal users can now use ATITool and get the settings the Administrator has chosen when he ran ATITool with his account, changes to settings made by normal users are not saved. Could not write to log file message will no longer pop up multiple times. If MBM is not running, but is needed to send temp. data to it, ATITool will try to connect to MBM every 10 seconds. Added "Click here to change" to font display in Settings -> Temp. Monitoring Fixed AIW TV Tuner broken when ATITool is installed on the system (#8) 2D Profile will be set to "disabled" after changing video cards. Fixed race condition which resulted in a crash at quit sometimes Reenabled Fan Control for 9600, seems to work on some cards. Fixed wrong logging of set clock rates (#42)
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Mb 1.24

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003 (64 bit versions are supported).

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