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News del 09 Agosto 02 Autore: Canaro
Recensita sul sito Motherboards l'ultima scheda video ATI immessa sul mercato, la 9000pro, ovvero una scheda dal costo medio e dalle prestazioni velocistiche abbastanza elevate.Conclusion What we have here is a very performance oriented 3D VGA solution that visually outpaces the competition in the same arena. The card had no problems running any of the tests we ran and showed performance levels that were very impressive in a card of this price range. For an entry level gaming card the RADEON 9000 Pro will be a tough act to follow in the perceivable near future and will put Nvidia on the task of playing catch-up. A game they have not had to play in a few years. This should prove to be a very interesting time in the ruthless and cutthroat VGA game, that hopefully will benefit the end user in the long run. Would I recommend this card? Yes, most definitely. Especially for those building a new gaming system and want to keep costs down but not sacrifice performance. Like always new drivers will further enhance how the card performs and only time will tell if this will be a factor as new games and software becomes available that take advantage of all the new features of this card. Good Job ATI Kudos on a solid well thought out product that has earned you an Editor's Choice award here at Until next time folks! Doc out
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