ATA/133 IDE RAID Controllers Comparison

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News del 11 Settembre 02 Autore: Canaro
Su X-bit pubblicata una prova comparativa tra controller ATA133:
  • Silicon Image Sil680 ATA/133 RAID Controller
  • Promise FastTrak TX2000 Controller
  • HighPoint RocketRAID133 Controller Consigliata la lettura in particolare chi è ineteressato a creare sistemi RAID.Conclusion The tests of our ATA/133 IDE RAID controllers showed that RAID arrays built of the contemporary IDE HDDs can ensure not only larger storage capacity, but also faster operation. At the same time it is evident that the limitations imposed by ATA/133 architecture (in particular, two devices connected to one cable) do not allow achieving the maximum efficiency of the multiple HDD configuration. The leadership in our test session undoubtedly belongs to Silicon Image Sil680 ATA/133 RAID controller, which performance in typical configurations, such as JBOD, RAID0 and RAID01 is about 4% higher than that of the competitors. However, it has its weak points as well: it is the mirror mode (RAID1), where it loses about 30%. Promise TX2000 controller didn't lose more than 5%. And in RAID1 it proved an indisputable leader. HighPoint RocketRAID133 controller with the new BIOS and drivers can boasts a significantly improved performance having caught up with the performance leaders now. However, this success didn't allow it to become the best of the best in any typical configuration. The only exception here appeared RAID0 array of 3 drives and 2 drives connected to one cable. Also the controller failed in RAID01, which is most likely to be corrected in the upcoming BIOS versions. Summing up we can say that Promise controller is equally good for any type of arrays. If you are building a small server with two mirroring hard drives, then HighPoint will be a better choice. However, for a RAID01 array I would advise to decide on Silicon Image. In striping arrays all testing participants appeared nearly equally fast, only Silicon Image solution got a bit ahead of the rivals. P.S.: since all the controllers tested depend a lot on the software, the new drivers release may change the whole picture at once.
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