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News del 13 Gennaio 02 Autore: Cānaro
Se volete sapere quale č il pių performante controller ATA133 secondo X-bit labs, non avete che da recarvi sul loro sito e guardarvi la metodoloia del test e le tabelle.

Well, our second trip to the world of ATA/133 seems to have come to an end. We are happy to state that we didn't discover any stability and compatibility problems during our tests.

Judging by the results obtained in this test session as well as in all the previous ones, we can point out that further performance growth under Windows is no longer limited by the controller itself or its drivers (we do not take ALi into account here: its software guys still have some room for improvement). It is small HDD cache and low bandwidth of the bus between the South and the North chipset bridges that are to blame.

Comparativa ATA 133
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