ASUS P4T533 850E

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News del 27 Giugno 02 Autore: Canaro
Recensita la scheda madre Asus P4T533 con onboard il chipset intel 850E con supporto ai 400/533 MHz e Rimm 800/1066. The P4T533 is a very good board. ASUS has loaded the board with all the features you'd want and made it rock stable. Performance is also very good and so is the overclocking. In short, the board has everything- even a 32-bit RDRAM module inside it which would be very hard to find otherwise. It's definitely the best 850E board we've seen to date, but it would be interesting to see the upcoming 850E boards from Gigabyte and MSI, both of which are incorporating ICH4 in their solutions. While that sounds good, we still feel that the P4T533 will be an excellent choice today or two months later.
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