AOpen AX45-4D SiS 655 Review

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News del 15 Gennaio 03 Autore: Canaro
Recensita su OCworkbench la scheda madre <a href= target=_blank>AOpen AX45-4D Max</a>, sulla quale è montato il chipset SiS655 che dovrebbe essere sulla carta il chip più performante per Pentium 4, e a breve sul mercato. <a href= target=_blank>Leggi recensione (inglese)</a> <font size=1>Conclusion AOPEN AX45-4D Max is the first SiS 655 board we review at OCworkbench. As this is a board with a beta bios, performance of this board is mixed, with good scores in certain categories like the CCWS, BWS. In terms of 3D performance, it somehow needs some fine tuning. Features-wise, this board has some nice features like the Diehard bios, ezrestore, silent bios and Silent tek. There is also 1394 and voice diagnostics. Installation is easy but we had to "hunt down" the +12v connector. It is camouflaged around capacitors. The BIOS is not really finalised and we would expect future BIOS to introduce fix pci/agp settings as the current bios seems to only supply a divider of 3. Overclocking wise, this board has 1Mhz stepping and also an independent PCI/AGP setting if you wish to keep your FSB at 133(533) and just overclock your PCI and AGP bus. Voltage adjustments are also available for Vcore, VDIMM, VAGP. Overall, it is a good board based on the latest dual channel ddr chipset. If the price is right and you won't be pairing it with a P4 3.06G Hyperthreading CPU, this board might be a good choice for you. </font>
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