AIMP 3.60.1416 Beta 3

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News del 27 Ottobre 14 Autore: Gianpugged
AIMP 3.60.1416 Beta 3
AIMP è un player audio leggero sviluppato da un programmatore russo che riproduce la maggior parte dei formati audio conosciuti presente la localizzazione italiana nel programma installabile anche in versione portable.


Controls: support of navigation via keyboard

Common: Added a button that display a list of supported macros for the edit field
Player: Error dialog will not shown now if the application resumes playback during startup
Playlist: reading speed has been increased for the AIMPPL format
Skin Engine: an ability to blur behind is now available for Windows 7 only
Skin Engine: an ability to force switch off blur behind for skin has been removed

Fixed: Audio Converter - album arts are not transfered to the target files correctly
Fixed: Sound Engine - cyclic playback of file that duration is less than 1 second stops after several iterations
Fixed: Sound Engine - navigation issues by files which size is more that 4 GBytes
Fixed: Installer - an ability to install the application with empty destination path
Fixed: Information about the file - file size is not updated in the running line after save changes
Fixed: Plugins Manager - the Load / Unload commands are works incorrectly for multiple selection
Fixed: Plugins - several bugs in new API have been fixed
Fixed: Player - the "stop playback if current file was deleted" option works incorrectly
Fixed: Player - duration of file in the TAK format calculates incorrectly in some cases
Fixed: playlist - name of the radiostation are changed in playlist, if close the application without stop it before closing
Fixed: Playlist - several issues with calculation of playback indexes
Fixed: playlist - an rating marks for radiostation are displayed in playlist when trying to reconnect to it
Fixed: tag editor - an error occurs when trying to change size of album art in the BMP format
Fixed: Skin Engine - values of the MagnetRectOffsets property are ignored when maximizing window than has been minimized via hotkey
Fixed: Skin Engine - the Next / Previous visualization buttons does not work after switch off the visualization
Fixed: Skin Engine - the playlists tabs panel loose active tab from visible area after change the skin
Fixed: Skin engine - level channels of the prvVisual provider are swapped
Fixed: Skin Engine - maximized window always restores on the main screen after minimization
Fixed: Skin Engine - height of item of bookmarks list in the drop down window differs from menu item height
Minor bugs were fixed
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 8.53 MB

OS: Windows

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