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News del 02 Settembre 02 Autore: Canaro
Recensita su Overclockers Online la scheda madre Abit IT7 maxConclusion Good - Highly Overclockable - Stable - Excellent performance - BIOS tweaks - Loaded with features (LAN, USB2.0, FireWire, ATA133 RAID, 5.1 sound, etc.) - Debugging LEDs Bad - Passive northbridge cooling - "Only" 1.7V core voltage & 2.8V DDR voltage - Placement of the DIMM slots ABIT sure has a winner with their IT7 MAX Pentium4 motherboard! That's for sure. The board combines what's probably the best Pentium4 chipset at the moment, the i845E, with a truckload of features, excellent layout, stability and performance. The overclocking potential of the IT7 is also simply impressive. We managed to clock the slowest Pentium4 Northwood CPU aka the 1.6A all the way up to 2.8GHz which is exactly the speed of today's fastest P4 Northwood processor! And since we're using a 175MHz (or 700MHz QDR) FSB, this baby will even outperform a stock 2.8GHz Pentium4 CPU running at 133MHz (533MHz QDR) FSB. At these kind of speeds, the IT7 MAX didn't give us one single lockup or random crash during our benchmarks. Of course, the rate of success with an overclocking project differs from CPU to CPU, but at least you know the IT7 MAX would never let you down. To conclude the review, I'd like to recommend this board to everyone who wants one of the best P4 motherboards on today's market. If you have the necessary $$$, go ahead and buy this board ... you wont regret it AT ALL! Skip Around: Select0 - Index1 - Specifications2 - Layout3 - BIOS4 - Overclocking5 - Benchmarking6 - Conclusion Home>>
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