7-Zip 9.31 Alpha

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News del 01 Dicembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
7-Zip 9.31 Alpha

7-Zip è un programma open source per la gestione di archivi compressi. Il programma supporta una grande varietà di formati.


7-Zip 9.31 alpha was released.

This is a development version.
Don´t use this alpha version to process important files and archives.

The code of this version contains big number of changes.
And probably there are some new BUGs.
If you use 7-Zip 9.31 alpha, check 7-Zip´s forum periodically for updated information.

7-Zip 9.31 alpha version is provided without source code.
Source code will be released in future beta version.
Please write here at forum about any new bugs.

What´s new after 7-Zip 9.30 alpha:
7-Zip now can create multivolume SFX archives in 7z format.
ZIP, NSIS, HFS, AR support was improved.
7-Zip now supports files larger than 4 GiB in ISO archives
Improved compression ratio in 7z format with maximum or ultra level for
executable files (EXE and DLL) that are larger than 16 MB (improved BCJ2 filter).
Improved support for file pathnames longer than 260 characters.
CRC and SHA checksum calculation for files can be called via Explorer´s context menu.
7-Zip File Manager now also takes into account the numbers in filenames for sorting order.
7-Zip File Manager can open files in "Parser" mode via "Open Archive > #" context
menu command. It shows the list of archives inside file.
Command line version:
new -t# switch to open file in "Parser" mode and show the list of archives inside file.
new -stx{Type} switch to exclude archive type from using.
-scs switch now supports UTF-16 encoding.
The BUGs were fixed:
7-Zip could work incorrectly in decompression of more than one
multi-volume archive in one command.
7-Zip 9.24 alpha - 9.30 alpha versions could not extract ZIP archives
encrypted with PKWARE-AES method.
New localization: Irish.


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Licenza: Open Source

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OS: Windows

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