7-Zip 9.29 Alpha

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News del 09 Settembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
7-Zip 9.29 Alpha

7-Zip è un programma open source per la gestione di archivi compressi. Il programma supporta una grande varietà di formati.


What´s new after 7-Zip 9.25 alpha:

- LZMA2 now is default compression method for .7z format.
- 7-Zip now can update WIM archives.
- 7-Zip File Manager now can move files to archives.
- 7-Zip File Manager now can calculate CRC-32, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums for files.
- The default encoding for TAR format now is UTF-8. You can use -mcp=1 switch for OEM encoding.
- Command line version:
    - new "rn" command to rename files in archive.
    - new -sdel switch to delete files after including to archive.
    - new -sns switch to store NTFS alternate streams (for WIM format only).
    - new -sni switch to store NT security information for files (for WIM format only).
    - new -stl switch to set archive timestamp from the most recently modified file.
- Speed optimizations for opening big archives and big disk folders.
- DMG support was improved
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localization: Aragonese.

What´s new after 7-Zip 9.28 alpha:

- 7-Zip now shows warning message, if the archive has wrong file name extension.
- new -stl switch.

7-Zip 9.29 alpha version is provided without source code.
Source code will be released in future beta version.

Please write here about any new bugs.

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source

Dimensioni: 1.08 MB

OS: Windows

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