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News del 04 Luglio 03 Autore: Giancarlof
2xExplorer è un file manager a due pannelli in stile Norton Commander e presenta lo stesso aspetto e funzionalità di Esplora Risorse con alcune funzionalità aggiuntive tipo: cartella extra che abilita un'immediata comparazione e trasferimento di file, un avanzato editor e visualizzatore di file, una funzione per la semplice realizzazione di file batch da DOS. Per installarlo è sufficiente scompattarlo in una cartella infatti è stand alone. It offers many useful tools Except for the regular file management, 2xExplorer has the following tools embedded in the program, which could easily be distributed as stand-alone products:
  • Text editor/viewer. It offers whatever Notepad lacks: unlimited file sizes, font/color selection, powerful search and replace, toolbar, keyboard shortcuts etc. It also features a HEX and a RTF viewer, plus many useful tools for programmers of all sorts.
  • Folder synchronisation. Forget the shortcomings of Briefcase. The dual pane layout of 2xExplorer can be used to compare the contents of any two folders. The synchronisation is based either on simple date/size information, or on full binary contents comparison. Complete sub-trees can also be examined using the unique Mirror Browsing tool.
  • Find files command. This is more powerful than the standard windows item, allowing more search criteria, hence files can be located with greater precision. The search results can be fed to any of the regular panes for further processing.
  • Folder subtree data. Similar to TreeSize, this feature can generate information about the number of files and associated storage for a complete sub-tree beneath some folder. The results are presented intuitively in a tree control.
  • Batch file creation. Using a command template to be applied on each one of the selected files, 2xExplorer can automatically generate MS/DOS batch files ("*.bat"). By executing these scripts complicated operations can be performed on any arbitrary set of files (e.g. mass renaming of filename extensions, touching date stamp info, etc.)
  • Advanced file management. 2xExplorer has built-in commands for touching file dates, splitting & merging large files, shredding for complete file destruction etc. For NTFS partitions hard links can be created, too.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware (donazione)

Dimensioni: Kb 391

OS: Win All

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