µTorrent 3.4 build 30428 RC1

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News del 17 Dicembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
µTorrent 3.4 build 30428 RC1
uTorrent, è un popolare client P2P multipiattaforma per il download e la gestione di file .torrent.


- Fix: .torrent association problem during install on Windows 8 and later
- Feature: Add BitTorrent Labs icon to the status bar
- Feature: Add Help menu items for bundle and BitTorrent Labs
- Fix: Toolbar buttons are not activated after adding torrents
- Change: Default button in delete torrent dialog is now [OK]
- Fix: Firewall issue if running client from downloaded folder
- Change: Implement bundle badging
- Change: Implement bundle unlock toolbar
- Change: Implement bundle unlock right click menu
- Change: Implement bundle history tab
- Fix: MON-3: Search icons not showing when client first starts
- Change: Highlight the last newly added torrent
- Fix: Toolbar buttons are not activated after torrents are selected
- Feature: ADS-138: Change logging in settings to remove OpenX
- Feature: ADS-176: Keyboard shortcut to refresh ads now
- Feature: ADS-33: Overlay image when "i" is moused over
- Feature: ADS-35: Custom PDD
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: Windows

OS: 1.5 MB

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