InCD Update 3.23.1

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News del 14 Febbraio 02 Autore: fabionapoli
Aggiornamento a questo software di Packet-Writing.
    Upgrade information:
  • + With this version was an error fixed, caused in certain
    circumstances a problem with installed
    CD/DVD drives. The drives were displayed
    after the installation of InCD with an
    exclamation mark in the device manager
    and were deactivated.
  • If you have InCD 1.61 or later:
    download and install the latest update
    over your current InCD version.
  • If you have InCD 1.3.x
    please read the InCD Update information page.
  • If you have Nero 4.0 or 5.0 release
    InCD will install as a full version. Please read the
    InCD Update information page.
  • List of supported cd-recorders:
    InCD: Supported CD-Recorders

Pagina di riferimento

 InCD Update 3.23.1 - immagine 4ownload Server 1 (2.37MB)

 InCD Update 3.23.1 - immagine 4ownload Server 2 (2.37MB)

Compatibile con Windows 95 OSR2.x, Windows 98, Win NT4.0 SP6, Windows ME, Windows 2000 SP2 and NEW....WINDOWS XP!!!

Data dell'aggiornamento 13/02/2002
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

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