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News del 17 Ottobre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
 Google Chrome (Win) (Mac, Linux) Beta

This week´s dev channel update includes quite a few bug fixes.  The Windows release will arrive shortly.
Mac OS X:
  • [r28121] Fix bookmark bar resize issues. (Issue: 23949)
  • [r28145] Support OS X´s url handlers. (Issue: 15546)
  • [r28260r28600] Make content area a drop target for dragging images, etc. (Issues: 2351719529)
  • [r28453] Enable "Edit Search Engines" in Omnibox context menu. (Issues: 2251222648)
  • [r28505r28528] Make cmd-left/right and backspace/shift-backspace navigate history if the focus is not in a text box. (Issue: 12557)         
  • [r28613] Fix a ton of theming bugs. (Issues: 22213202951854719851236512433818438)
  • [r28749] Status bubble now fades in and out after a delay. (Issue: 24495)
  • r28709 ] Key equivalents sent to renderer: Cmd-s etc. should now work on e.g. google docs. (Issue: 15090)
  • r28813 ] Chrome´s and Safari´s ideas of "default browser" now agree. (Issue: 24401)

  • Various crash and visual glitch fixes.

  • [r28095] Extensions loaded "Load unpacked extension" (and --load-extension) will no longer change id´s when they´re reloaded (Issue: 21281)
  • Browser Actions (windows only at the moment)
    • [r28130r28136] Can now set an image dynamically with an ImageData from a canvas. (Issue:23269)
    • [r28115] Can close popups using window.close. (Issue: 23832)
    • [r28187] Popups now have a bubble border. (Issue: 23833)
    • some sample extensions converted to use browser actions. (gmail checker, buildbot, mappy)
    • a number of other misc bug fixes.
  • [r28135] Extension packing now works on Linux and Mac. (Issue: 20669)

Known Issues:
  • [Mac] Trackpad scroll events are passed to windows behind the chrome window.
  • [Mac] Cmd-` doesn´t work when tab contents are focused.
  • [Mac] Chrome for Mac thinks its name is Google Chrome Helper.  (Issue: 24776)
  • [Mac] Cannot "edit" or "add" bookmarks via bookmark contextual menu.  (Issue: 24828)

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