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Abyss Web Server X1 v1.2

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News del 03 Dicembre 03 Autore: Alberto
Abyss Web Server X1 v1.2
Per chi si diletta nell'utilizzo di un Web server personale, segnalo quest'ottimo, piccolissimo, funzionalissimo e sopratutto gratuito HTTP Web Server.
  • Features summary:
    • HTTP/1.1, HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/0.9 support
    • Keep-Alive support
    • Partial downloads support
    • Caching negotiation
    • CGI/1.1 support
    • Server Side Includes (SSI)
    • Index files support
    • Directory listing generation
    • Aliases support
    • Custom error pages
    • User access control (HTTP authentication/password protected files)
    • Users and groups management
    • Customizable MIME types
    • Logging in compliance with standard formats
    • Remote web management interface (console)
    • Anti-crash protection system that guarantees 100% uptime
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003
    • MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and later
    • Linux for Intel x86 (any modern distribution - needs GLIBC 2.1 or later - Kernel 2.0 or later)
    • FreeBSD 4.8 and later for Intel x86 (should also work on FreeBSD 4.0 and later)
  • System Requirements:
    • Less than 1 MB of free disk space
    • 2 MB of free RAM
    • TCP/IP support
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 144 Kb (ver. Windows)

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