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SnapFolders 2004 SR1

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News del 03 Ottobre 03 Autore: Canaro
SnapFolders 2004 SR1
SnapFolders dovrebbe essere un programma che potrebbe risultare utile a chi necessita arrivare rapidamente a determinate directory, infatti permette di creare scorciatoie alle cartelle con cui si lavora più spesso. A great tool for any Windows user, SnapFolders will enable you to create shortcuts to your favorite folders really fast. No more searching for the right folder in Windows Explorer. You will find it instantly and save lots of time, especially in a corporate environment where dozens of mapped network drives and shared resources make you dizzy. Naturally, you already know how to create a shortcut to a folder, but ordinary shortcuts to folders open the target folder in a folder window. SnapFolders will enable you to create shortcuts that open two-pane Explorer windows with the target folder selected or windows that show the target folder as the root folder. The shortcuts you create with SnapFolders are automatically placed on the Start Menu or a side menu to the Start Menu. Like any shortcuts they can be copied or moved anywhere you want. Like any shortcuts they can be renamed or deleted as you wish. Shortcuts to folders have been available in Windows since Windows 95 was released in 1995. In those days a 1 GB hard disk was considered a luxury. Today, a 200 GB hard disk is quite ordinary. The average home user is lost in a folder jungle that gets bigger and bigger every year. The average professional user has to cope with a network where the jungle is even bigger. Download SnapFolders now and arm yourself with a machete in the folder jungle!
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 1.25 Mb

OS: Tutti i Windows

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