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News del 22 Giugno 03 Autore: Giancarlof
Perfect Companion 3.8.03 e' lo strumento ideale per rimuovere dal nostro sistema tutte le chiavi di registro, dll, vdx, active x, ed altri files memorizzati da programmi gia' disinstallati in precedenza. In questo modo potremo liberare spazio su disco ed al tempo stesso migliorare le prestazioni del nostro computer. Richiede le VB5 Runtimes (le potete trovare sul sito). Se avete installato WinBoost dovete avere l'accortezza di chiuderlo prima di utlizzare Perfect Companion.
  • Perfect Companion reads the Class keys and looks for the associated file. If a file has been deleted, it removes all the Classes that were built by that file. It then removes file extensions that are invalid or not used.
  • Perfect Companion reads all the application paths (App Path key) and verifies the files. If a file has been deleted, the associated key is removed.
  • Perfect Companion scans the keys that Windows reads on bootup to load your files, drivers, VXDs, DLL's, fonts, etc. Here again, the program verifies every key and every file, and subsequently removes all invalid keys.
  • Perfect Companion does what Windows should be doing but doesn't - Perfect Companion locates all your existing DLL and OCX files and correctly registers them. No other utility does this.
  • For the final cleanup step it now reads all the Interface and TypeLib Keys, InstalledFiles, Fonts, Help files, file extensions and more. Then it verifies, repairs, or removes any invalid keys; creating an undo file for you to review or replace any key you wish. Perfect Companion backs up every key before deleting it as well as automatically saving all the undo files.
  • Perfect Companion also allows you to edit the Windows Startup group in the Registry. An easy way to get rid of programs you do not want to start every time you boot.
  • The second utility bundled with Perfect Companion is Snapshot. This utility picks up where your uninstaller program leaves off. Prior to installing a new program, run Snapshot to make a record of all files. After the installation is completed, rerun Snapshot and it will tell you not only what files have been added or deleted, but which files have been replaced or modified. I'm sure you have installed software and then the next time you rebooted your machine, all hell broke loose. Snapshot can help you find the problem and fix it without formatting. If you need a Registry Snapshot check out Registry Watch.
Si raccomanda sempre prudenza nell'uso di questi softwarePerfect Companion for Windows 9x,and ME Version 3.8.03Perfect Companion for Windows NT, 2000, and XP Version 3.8.03
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: Windows 9X Kb 1.64///NT/2000/XP Kb 1.64

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