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News del 21 Novembre 01 Autore: Cànaro
Nuova versione di questo ottimo ed efficente browser open source.

What's New In This Release:

+ Mozilla now displays page icons in the url bar (Expect support for shortcut icons (aka favicon) in Mozilla 0.9.7). Page icons can be defined in the html head section of a document.
+ Mozilla can now display Windows .BMP and .ICO images on all platforms.
+ Print Preview has been implemented.
+ Macintosh Page Setup has been implemented (Bug 36796)
- Mail message labels support has been implemented. (Bug 81292)
+ Mail prefill mail filter support has been implemented (Bug 65761)
+ The new Search for item on the context menu lets you search for any text you highlight on a web page.
+ Select some text in browser window.
+ Right click in the browser window and a context menu will pop up.
+ Choose the Search for item and Mozilla will search for the highlighted text at your default engine.

Mozilla 096 Windows

Mozilla 096 MAC

Mozilla 096 Linux


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