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Padus DiscJuggler 4.01.1026

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News del 23 Ottobre 02 Autore: Capoccione
Padus DiscJuggler 4.01.1026
Rilasciata una nuova release di Padus Discjuggler, eccellente programma di masterizzazione. Queste le novità:- Added optimum write strategy control technologies such as Plextor's PoweRec/PoweRec-II, Ricoh's JustSpeed, and Yamaha's OWSC. - Added maximize quality technologies such as Plextor's VariRec and Yamaha's Audio Master/Audio Master HQ. - Added bootable DVD support. - Added 44x speed (CD) writing support. - Added drive assignment tool for autoloader versions. - Added option to simplify autoloader printing options. - Changed default L2 cache size from 4 seconds to 12 seconds for multiple drive licenses. - Fixed problem involving ID3v2 tags with an attached image. - Fixed problem of wrong disc size estimation in pre-mastering tasks. - Fixed problem of DVD image verification failure. - Fixed problem where loading a .CDJ file would result in a disabled task interface. - Fixed problem for all Toshiba DVD-ROM drives when mounting double-layer media. - Fixed problem of buffer under-run at end of full erase for DVD+RW drives. - Fixed problem where combo drives would not be detected as valid CD writing drives. - Fixed problem with Print Only jobs with autoloader versions. Shareware e WinAll
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