Anti-Trojan 5.5.405

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News del 25 Settembre 02 Autore: Canaro
Anti-Trojan 5.5.405
Interessante programma antitrojan che tiene sotto controllo il sistema nei seguenti modi:Port-Scan - Here all port of the computer are checked whether a trojan is active. This port scanner checks in contrast to the online check all ports, not only well-known trojan ports. Note: There will be no trojan removed, only open ports are shown. Registry-Scan - With this procedure the system is submitted to a high-speed check. There will be checked the system-registry an known filenames of trojans. If a trojan is identified, it will be removed. Disk-Scan - This is the most important search method. Whole drives (or directories) are searched for trojan files. Each file is checked on the harddisk. With larger harddisks this search can last somewhat longer. As appoximate value we checked 20 GigaBytes in approx. 30 minutes (approx. 170,000 files). Anti-Trojan also checks packed archives of the following formats: ARC, ARK, ARJ, CAB, DWC, PAK, ?Q?, GZ, LBR, LHA, LZH, RAR, SFX, TAR, TAZ, TGZ, Z, ZIP, ZOO
  • Versione: 5.5.405
  • Dimensione: 4.6Mb
  • Data: 22/09/2002
  • Licenza: Shareware 21$
  • Compatibilità: Win9x/Me/NT/XP/2000
  • Traduzione italiana: si
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