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News del 22 Aprile 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.9 RC8
Note di rilascio:

Yes, I was really hoping (and originally planning) to release 3.9 final this weekend, but we had enough issues that I just didn´t feel comfy about it. It was borderline, and none of the issues were huge, and maybe I could have called this just 3.9 and opened the merge window, but hey, another week won´t hurt.

The bulk of the changes here are networking (both core and drivers), but there´s arch fixes (sparc, x86, arm, powepc) and random other stuff. A couple of reverts and some cleanups. The shortlog gives some flavor of the details. Nothing here on its own would have delayed 3.9 for me, but I was hoping for a calmer week.

Please don´t send me pull requests unless it´s something really critical, and let´s aim for a nice calm 3.9 release next weekend, ok?

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