Linux Kernel 3.7 RC1

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News del 15 Ottobre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.7 RC1
Note di rilascio:

The two weeks are up, and I was merging during my trip, so no reason for merge window extensions.

The 3.7-rc1 kernel is out there. Thereīs a few big things worth noting here:

- the "uapi" include file cleanups. The idea is that the stuff exported to user space should now be found under include/uapi and arch/$(ARCH)/include/uapi.

Letīs hope it actually works. Because otherwise this was just a totally pointless pain in the *ss. And regardless, Iīm definitely done with these kinds of "letīs do massive cleanup of the include files" forever.

- arm64 architecture inclusion. Letīs see if it takes off..

... and letīs see how many years weīll need before the arm people do what every single other 64-bit arch has ever done: merge back with the 32-bit code. As usual, people claimed that there were tons of reasons why *this* time was different, and as usual itīs almost certainly going to be BS in the end, and a few years from now weīll have big patches trying to merge it all back. But maybe it really *was* different this time. Snicker.

- arm multiplatform code.

Finally. The ARM devicetree code stuff etc means that at least some arm kernels can now be built to support multiple different platforms in one single binary. Iīm sure thereīs still tons to go, but itīs a big milestone nonetheless.

- ARM virtualization and Xen support.

- user namespaces are coming back in a workable form.

- signed kernel modules

- nice cleanups: workqueues (Tejun Heo) and generic execve/kernel_thread (Al Viro)

There are tons of other updates, but those are the "big new features" that came to mind. Maybe I missed some.

Of course, despite all the above changes, the bulk of the actual patches are still the usual driver updates, which arenīt even mentioned above. So the "big changes" are actually in reality smaller than the "normal changes we have all the time".

Anyway, the shortlog is much too big as usual for an -rc1 (with over ten thousand commits), but appended is my "short mergelog" that gives at least some high-level view of the merges I did.

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