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News del 18 Maggio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
TortoiseSVN 1.7.7
TortoiseSVN è un client per Subversion (noto anche come svn, sistema di controllo versione sviluppato da CollabNet Inc) utile per tenere sotto controllo la modifica di software dati, documenti, immagini e file multimediali.


- BUG: Crash when closing the progress dialog. 
- BUG: Crash in repo browser. 
- BUG: Crash when reverting/deleting items from the status list control. 
- BUG: link-style buttons in commit dialog register on non-captured mouseup. 
- BUG: crash with invalid config file.
- BUG: crash on doubleclick in TMerge. 
- BUG: crash when entering new lines in invalid views. 
- BUG: Cancelling revert/resolve dialogs can crash. 
- BUG: crash when closing app using sasl authentication. 
- BUG: crash when authenticating. 
- BUG: deleting rev-selecting log dialog can cause a crash. 
- BUG: Crash with hotkeys in TortoiseMerge. 
- BUG: progress dlg can be closed while threads are running. 
- BUG: crash in file diff dialog. 
- BUG: crash when reading properties fails. 
- BUG: division-by-zero with empty file in TMerge. 
- BUG: invalid file crashes TortoiseBlame. 
- BUG: invalid icon files crash TortoiseIDiff. 
- BUG: uncaught exception when editing log messages or authors. 
- BUG: Repo browser list control is not thread safe. 
- BUG: Cancelling out of the repo browser takes too long. 
- BUG: status cache crash before closing it. 
- BUG: inconsistent unicode conversion. 
- BUG: merge automation for tree and reintegrate fails. 
- BUG: crash in TSVNCache when refreshing. 
- BUG: log dialog exception during "next 100". 
- BUG: TMerge considers invalid views as writable. 
- BUG: endless recursion when unchecking item in status list control. 
- BUG: unchecking deleted items does not uncheck its parents. 
- BUG: unversioned externals not grouped correctly. 
- BUG: format exception in right-drag export. 
- BUG: commit dialog "keep locks" ignored for unmodified items. 
- BUG: recursion in checkout dialog. 
- BUG: Exception when terminating thread. 
- BUG: Crash if GdiPlus is not initialized. 
- BUG: Exception when quitting the log dialog. 
- BUG: Crash when showing RevGraph on an uncommitted, added node 
- BUG: "Merge all revisions" generates empty log message. 
- BUG: quotes are not escaped in repo browser. 
- BUG: exception when dragging. 
- BUG: "repair move" fails if target dir is missing/deleted. 
- BUG: exception if more than 192 user defined properties are found. 
- BUG: Scrolling in IDiff. 
- BUG: applying patch with property changes shows error. 
- BUG: saving patch to clipboard fails to open patch viewer. 
- BUG: Log view may segfault for empty logs.
- BUG: Vector index exception when updating the log cache. 
- BUG: Repobrowser crash after changing the URL. 
- BUG: project properties are read over externals. 
- BUG: object leak in log dialog. 
- BUG: Post-commit errors not shown in repo browser. 
- BUG: branch/tag always uses HEAD.
- BUG: TMerge segfault with select all. 
- BUG: log dialog columns too small.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 13.70 MB

OS: Windows

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