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TechFacts XP 2.30

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News del 12 Giugno 02 Autore: Rostor
TechFacts XP 2.30
Un programma di diagnostica, monitoraggio e ricerca di problemi per il nostro Windows. Di seguito l'estratto di tutto quello che è in grado di fare: - Configurable system monitors - Hex/Ascii File editor - Disk Sector viewer - Workstation Information - Operating System Data - Locale Data - Windows Folders - CPU Data (speed and capabilities) - Memory Information - Power Management - Display/GUI Capabilities - Media Support - Network Information (ip,Mac,drivers) - Hardware (devices and capabilities) - Database (which are supported and what version) - Storage Devices (disks and detailed data) - Directx Capabilities - Process List - Internet Explorer Data - Startup Apps (INI and Registry invoked) - File Association Viewer - Installed Fonts - Clipboard format viewer - Installed Software - Software Debug Tool - Software Resource Viewer - CMOS dump - NT Services - Performance Data Viewer - Hardware I/O (IRQ, DMA, Ports) - Windows List - DCom Server List - Global Atom List - Disk Utilization Tool - Duplicate File Finder (with Delete). - Drive Map Lister - Network Monitor - Directory/Folder comparison and synchronization tool. - Disk Cleaner Utility - Help Director. - Icon Extractor - Graphics Viewer - Screen Capture Utility - Offline Web Page Catalog/Browser - Integrated web browser with web navigation on the main toolbar. - Capability to support other languages on certain menus and buttons (English & Dutch provided) - Standard & Custom Reports - And More.... Licenza Shareware1.6 Mb
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