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News del 02 Aprile 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Wireshark 1.2.7
Wireshark (precedentemente chiamato Ethereal) è un software per analisi di protocollo, o packet sniffer (letteralmente annusa-pacchetti) utilizzato per la soluzione di problemi di rete, per l´analisi e lo sviluppo di protocolli o di software di comunicazione, per la didattica. Wireshark possiede tutte le caratteristiche di un analizzatore di protocollo standard.


# The following bugs have been fixed:

* SNMPv3 Engine ID registration. (Bug 2426)
* Open file dialog always displayed when clicking anywhere on Wireshark. (Bug 2478)
* tshark reports wrong number of bytes on big dumpfiles with -z io,stat. (Bug 3205)
* Negative INTEGER number displayed as positive number in SNMP dissector. (Bug 3230)
* Add support for FT_BOOLEAN fields to wslua FieldInfo. (Bug 4049)
* Wireshark crashes w/ GLib error when trying to play RTP stream. (Bug 4119)
* Windows 2000 support has been restored. (Bug 4176)
* Wrong dissection on be_cell_id_list for bssmap. (Bug 4437)
* I/O Graph dropdown boxes not working correctly. (Bug 4487)
* Runtime Error when right-clicking field and selecting "Filter Field Reference". (Bug 4522)
* In GSM SMS PDU TPVPF showing wrong. (Bug 4524)
* Profinet: May be wrong defined byte meaning. (Bug 4525)
* GLib-CRITICAL ** Message. (Bug 4547)
* Certain EDP display filters trigger Wireshark/tshark runtime error. (Bug 4563)
* Some NCP frames trigger "Dissector bug, protocol NCP". (Bug 4565)
* The encapsulation abbreviation "bluetooth-h4" is ambiguous. (Bug 4613) 

# Updated Protocol Support

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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