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Google Chrome Beta (Win) - (Mac, Linux)

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News del 08 Ottobre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta (Win) - (Mac, Linux)

  • All
    • Theme change should automatically update New Tab Page background again. [r27841] (Issue:20392)
  • Mac
    • No longer crash when selecting closed window from Dock menu. [r27769] (Issue:14003)
    • Fix several issues with dragging tabs and quickly letting go. [r27861] (Issues:22266,13594,22538)
    • Fixes for full screen plugins: keystrokes are now sent to full screen plugins and the Menu Bar is properly hidden. [r27755] (Issues:19534,21020)
  • Linux
    • Work around the sudden creation of a tree of directories in your homedir after an update. [r27997] (Issue:23327)
    • Tab titles in Thai locales are no longer chopped. [r27725] (Issue:22791)
  • Extensions
    • More features for browser actions (still in progress, still Windows-only)
    • Fix bug on Linux where directory cruft was accidentally created. (Issue:23327)
  • Known Issues
    • Linux: Google Chrome fails to collect zombie processes from closed tabs. (Issue:23778)
    • Mac: Bookmark bar looks weird, and hurts you when you resize the window (hit cmd-shift-b twice after window resizing as workaround).

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