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Rilasciata la versione 5.6 di 3D Canvas, software per il real-time 3D modeling e per la manipolazione delle animazioni.

    What's New in 3D Canvas 56
  • Shockwave 3D Export
  • Export to the Shockwave 3D (w3d) format is now supported. Export of animation and skeletal information requires 3D Canvas Pro.
  • For more information on 3D Canvas' Shockwave 3D export see the Shockwave 3D FAQ.
  • Improved DirectX Export (Available with 3D Canvas LP/Pro)
  • The DirectX export has been updated to conform to DirectX 8. This allows for the export of skeletal objects (skinned meshes).
  • Enhanced Extrude Operation
  • The Extrude Operation now extrudes edges as well as faces.
  • Improved Wavefront (OBJ) Export (Available with 3D Canvas Pro)
  • Wavefront (OBJ) files are no longer triangulated on export.
  • Extrude Tool Enhanced
  • The Extrude Tool is now capable of creating 2-d extrudes.
  • Train Simulator Wizard Enhanced (Available with 3D Canvas LP/Pro)
  • Now supports all available compression formats.
  • Supports water and coal intakes for tenders.
  • Now permits animation information to optionally be updated so that pre-animated models retain their animation information.
  • Automatically orients the part identification view towards model.
  • Triangulate Operation Improved (Available with 3D Canvas LP/Pro)
  • The Triangulate operation now preserves materials and is considerably faster.
  • Lathe Tool Enhanced
  • The Lathe Tool now supports the creation of solid lathe segments.
  • Boolean Operations Improved (Available with 3D Canvas LP/Pro)
  • Boolean operations are now more accurate and no longer require pre-triangulation.
  • UV Map/UV Re-Map/UnWrap Operations Enhanced (Available with 3D Canvas LP/Pro)
  • These operations now support mapping rotation.

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3D Canvas 5.6 - immagine 4ownload 6,96 Mb

Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000

Licenza Freeware

Autore Amabilis Software

Data dell'aggiornamento 21/04/2002
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