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Noscript V. (update anti clickjacking)

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News del 08 Ottobre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Noscript V. (update anti clickjacking)

  • New and exclusiveClearClickanti-Clickjacking technology to disable user interaction with partially obstructed or not clearly visible embedded objects. Enabled by default on untrusted pages, you can configure it to work on trusted pages as well inNoScript Options|Plugins; enforcing it everywhere will likely become the default after extensive testing.
  • NoScript Options|Plugins|Opacize embedded objectspreference to defeat opacity-based attacks.
  • Frame breaker emulation on pages where JavaScript is disabled, i.e. something likeif (self != top) top.location = locationwill work.
  • Suite offeatures enhancing HTTPS effectiveness:
    1. ForceHTTPSon most sensitive sites
    2. Option to disable active content on whitelisted sites which are not served through HTTPS, either always or when connecting through a proxy ("Tor mode"), to mitigate domain spoofing risks in hostile environments
    3. Automatic and customizableSecure Cookie Management, to protect against HTTPS cookie hijacking.Important:if you got troubles logging in on some sites with this feature on, pleaseget latest development buildand, if it does not help, follow the easy advices given inthis FAQ
  • Better bookmarklet compatibility on untrusted sites.
  • Temporarily allow all this pagetoolbar button.
  • Revoke temporary permissionstoolbar button.
  • Several improvements inblacklistingmode: even if whitelisting is still the recommended safest mode, you can useAllow scripts globallyand still block sites you mark as untrusted. More important, you can still enjoyfull Anti-XSS protectioneven while you´re keeping JavaScript allowed everywhere.
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