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WisBar Advance

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News del 04 Giugno 06 Autore: Capoccione
WisBar Advance
WisBar è una utility per pocket PC molto utile e flessibile. Senza prendersi tutto lo schermo mette a disposizione di pennino strumenti molto utili (come la chiusura forzata delle applicazioni o il passaggio tra varie applicazioni) e crea una nuova navigazione nel menù del palmare. Inoltre il programma è skinnabile e già nel sito vi soo molte skin da poter adattare al desktop del PPC. Al momento sul mio sorge il campo verde di un finto windows XP! :D Features Compatible with PPC2002, WM2003, WM2003SE and Windows Mobile 5.0 Close, minimize or ignore any application Switch between any application currently running on your device Provides a cascading start menu (as in the screenshot) Never miss a system notification again with the new dynamic notification icon Tap and hold the OK button to cancel a dialog Add or remove functions to the taskbar Each button on the taskbar can be assigned a tap and a tap-and-hold action Change the appearance of the taskbar, menubar, buttons and start menu in any program Supports high-resolution and landscape mode skins Customize the clock's appearance on the taskbar Hear sounds for system events, just like on your desktop Download and install themes created by other people Available in many languages La versione scaricata permette di usare la versione trial o l'aggiornamento delle vecchie versioni 2.x Version Enhancements Added a "Desktop" option to the cascading start menu. This can be skinned by adding "Desktop Icon=" to the "[Start Menu Skin]" section. Lightened up the start menu sublevel image on the WA Default theme. Added the Latvian language. Added the Galego language. Added logging (enabled through the registry) for determing where the lockups occur on some devices. Bugs Fixed Fixed a bug where the Close/OK shortcut could close the WisBar Advance Desktop. Fixed a bug where the "Please Wait" skinned object required a full path instead of a relative path. Made a small speed adjustment to the cascading start menu. Fixed a bug where sublevels in the cascading start menu did not get the appropriate color settings (when not using images for the background). The phone signal strength for Flight Mode is now detected properly (on WM5 devices). Fixed a bug where the cascading start menu did not scroll correctly after switching between landscape and portrait. Made a correction to the battery/memory meter so it will pick up the correct color. Fixed a bug where the SIP button would not display properly in Weather Panel's settings dialog. Rewrote some of the skinning code in an attempt to speed up the UI. Made a change to "play more nicely" with Sprite backup.
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Trial 7 gg

Dimensioni: 1 Mb

OS: PPC 2002 WM 2003 WM5

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